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dating miniature liquor bottles
dating miniature liquor bottles

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Updated 3/24/2013 If you have found this page because you are selling a collection then please contact me. If you can, send a few photos of groups of 10-15 bottles: Commercial Display for Mini Sampler 50ml Liquor Shot Airplane Bottles Nips Also Any Other Point of Sale Items: Industrial Scientific. Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes. Liquor/Spirits Bottles HOME: Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Liquor/Spirits Bottles. Click here to move to the. Find great deals on eBay for miniature liquor bottles vintage miniature liquor bottles. Shop with confidence. Is there a limit to how many mini bottle of liquor one can take in carryon. The mini bottles come in a pack of 10 simular to a six pack of something. Find great deals on eBay for mini liquor bottles vintage mini liquor bottles. Shop with confidence. Today's Collectors Corner column may have you taking a second look at miniature liquor bottles found strewn on city streets. The mainstay of the hotel mini-fridge.... I have a small collection of miniature liquor bottles - about 25, I guess - that I'd like to sell. Some of the bottles are rather unique. They date.. Other collectible liquor bottle shapes include Benedictine bottles a French liqueur introduced in the 1870s, which have long necks and trapezoidal-like bases. .
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